Saturday, December 31


Hey Hey... Buddyhead has got some new Mudhoney.

The songs? "Where Is The Future" and "Hard On For War". Nice to see the chaps who brought us "Touch Me I'm Sick" (covered here by Sonic Youth) are still rocking.

Move the cursor and click here.


Friday, December 30

Music Map

Music Map is a neat little website. You enter the name of a band you like, and then you get similar bands' names floating around your screen. Yae!

Thursday, December 29

Spinto Band

The Spinto Band, are the latest in Delawarian indie rock.

Get yerself some Spinto:
"Oh Mandy" (mp3)
"Brown Boxes" (mp3)
"Crack The Whip" (mp3)

spinto band

Tuesday, December 27


I don't like Peaches. I find her annoying and abrasive. She certainly is NOT as cool or transgressive as she thinks she is.

However, she has covered a song that is so good, even she could not mess it up. I'm talking about "Gay Bar" by the Electric Six.

Download: "Gay Bar (Electric Six Cover)" (mp3)


Sunday, December 25

We Are Scientists

We Are Scientists are pretty cheeky... Stream some of their music here.
Or go to the blog Ben Loves Music and pick up "Nobody Moves, Nobody Gets Hurt".

Thursday, December 22

Electric Six

The blog My Old Kentucky Home has got some new Electric Six. The tracks may not contain the genius of "Gay Bar" or "Danger! High Voltage", but they are well worth checking out.

Click here for ROCK!

Wednesday, December 21


Take 3hive's oddness threshold test, and listen to lots of Deerhoof (who span the spectrum from poppy to friggin weird).

The Futureheads

Entertainment Weekly?? Yes. EW has a free download from The Futureheads. The song is named "Area" and it's about as good as punk-pop gets.

Get it here (before they take it down).

Tuesday, December 20


Pandora is a new service from the good folks at The Music Genome Project (NPR story here). Give Pandora a song or artist and it will create a custom radio station just for you. It is friggin awesome.

Saturday, December 17


The Pixies have put out an Emusic-only live album.
The blog Smudge Of Ashen Fluff has more info and three tracks for download.

Friday, December 16

Dinosaur Jr.

Listening to Dinosaur Jr. really brings me back to those care-free days of the early 90s. Now, 3hive has posted a true classic of indie rock "Freak Scene". For more Dino Jr. Fun check out free so free dot net.


ooh, ooh, ooh...

Spoon has updated the bonus section of their website. They added a NEW demo of some raw piano driven rock. Awesome.

Download: "My First Time Vol. 3" (mp3)


Tuesday, December 13

Butthole Surfers

Just drop some acid?

Well, the Butthole Surfers website has a "buttlegs" section. Find it here.


7inchpunk has got the first Misfits single featuring Cough/Cool and She.


Monday, December 12

The Strokes

RCA Records has posted a track from The Strokes new album, "First Impressions Of Earth".

Download: "Juicebox" (mp3)

Thanks Fingertips.

the strokes

The Magic Numbers

The Magic Numbers have a myspace page (with two mp3s for download).
You can also find some rare tracks here. Dig it.

Don's Teeth

Another album scheduled for release this week, "A Resounding Boo For The Suits", is the latest from Don's Teeth.

Insound has some tracks here.

That dude wants to stick it to the MAN.

Don's Teeth


Beck's latest Guerolito comes out tommorrow. If you can't wait, head over to the blog My Old Kentucky Home (from last Wednesday).

UPDATE: The blog Feed Me Good Tunes has got Heaven Hammer (Missing). Sixeyes has got the unreleased "Que Onda Guero (Team Shi Latino 96.3 Remix)".

Friday, December 9

Death From Above 1979

The flood of Death From Above 1979 remixes continue... This time it's DFA turning the knobs for brits Goldfrapp and Hot Chip.

The blog This Big Stereo has Goldfrapp's:

"Slide In (Death From Above 1979 Remix)"

The aptly-named blog Greenpeaness has Hot Chip's:

"Just Like We (Breakdown)(Death From Above 1979 Remix)"

Death From Above 1979




hot chip

Yeah Yeah Yeahs

The blog Between Thought And Expression has posted a live Yeah Yeah Yeahs track from musicstrip dot net:

Download: "Honey Bear" (mp3)

Also check out the Yeah Yeah Yeahs Flag Contest.

yeah yeah yeahs flag contest

Thursday, December 8

Richard Hell & The Voidoids

The blog Shake Your Fist has posted some Grade-A punk rock from Richard Hell & The Voidoids.

Dig it.

Mike Watt

The fine folks at corndogs dot org have lots and lots of mike watt mp3s and video from his various incarnations. Check it out gringos!

Wednesday, December 7

Karen O & Squeak E Clean

Earlier this year, Karen O and Squeak E Clean released "Hello Tomorrow" which was used in an Adidas ad directed by Spike Jonze. Well, I have finally seen the ad, and it is truly surreal.

Watch it here.


Death From Above 1979

The Death From Above 1979 remixes keep coming...

The Blog Silence Is A Rhythm Too has got two lovely remixes of "Black History Month". One is by QOTSA/Desert Sessions' Josh Homme and the other is by Frenchies Alan Braxe & Fred Falke

Tuesday, December 6

Broken Social Scene

Broken Social Scene has been All-Things-Considered-ized.

Check it out here.


Midi Database has got free Metallica tunes. While your first reaction may be "Cool, that rocks," just wait until you hear them. These songs have been butchered by midi and most certainly do not rock. They ARE really funny.

It's a great way to kill some time.

Gimme Tinnitus

Name Change, Name Change!!

Musicjuice (a name I have always felt ambivalent about) is now...


Minus The Bear

Minus The Bear in all their indie-rock goodness have three free mp3s on their label's website.

Check out:
"Hooray" (mp3)
"Monkey!!! Knife!!! Fight!!!" (mp3)
"Just Kickin' It Like A Wild Donkey" (mp3)

minus the bear

Sunday, December 4

Architecture In Helsinki

Architecture In Helsinki, the Australian twee pop collective, have a lovely flash based website (Music will play). At their website you can and should stream their awesomely absurd video for "Do The Whirlwind".

You can also get some live AIH tracks from The Blog La Blogotheque (Yes, that's french).

Free Music

Thanks to for this link to gHacks dot net list of the best free music sites on the web.

The Decemberists

The blog inhouseradio has posted an extra special vinyl-only bonus track from The Decemberists... here.


Iron And Wine/Calexico

NPR has concert featuring both Iron And Wine and Calexico. Listen to the concert here. Or you can get the individual tracks from The Blog So Much Silence.

You can also stream some live Iron And Wine/Calexico from KEXP here. Once again The Blog So Much Silence has come through. They have the mp3s of the concert here.

If you haven't heard the Iron And Wine/Calexico collaboration yet, it's friggin awesome. Listen to it here.


Saturday, December 3

Early Man

Miss the chugging metal power chords from the late 80s and early 90s? Lord, I know I do. Well, Matador has heard your cries of anguish and released "Closing In" by Early Man.

Check out... "Death Is The Answer" and "Evil Is" here.

They also have a medley of their album remixed together.

Friday, December 2

Wolf And Cub Vs. Wolf & Cub

Wolf And Cub, the Australian post-punk sensation, has a song available on the mp3 blog 20 Jazz Funk Greats.

Check Out... "Thousand Cuts".

Enjoy the post-punk-a-liciousness.

DO NOT CONFUSE them with Wolf & Cub, a neo-proto-metal from the good ol' US of A.

Wolf & Cub have a free mp3 of "Let's Try It Again With Our Shirts Off"... Plus they have a myspace page.


Thursday, December 1

Death From Above 1979

Death From Above 1979 is friggin tight!

Stereogum has got their cover of La Peste's... "Better Off Dead".

And Razor Blade Runner has got yet another remix track off their upcoming album, "Romantic Rights (Jesper Dahlback Mix)".

Dig it!

Also: Insound dot com has some more Death From Above 1979 downloads here.

UPDATE: bigstereo has the Chromeo remix of "Blood On Our Hands".

Death From Above 1979

Belle And Sebastian

Hey man... Is that Belle And Sebastian? Well TURN IT UP!!

has got one of the GROOVY new Belle And Sebastian songs:

"Song For Sunshine"

Matador has different sunny song that has more of a classic
Belle-and-Sebastian-y sound:

"Another Sunny Day"

You can also check out their Jeepster site or their Rough Trade site.


The Smudge Of Ashen Fluff a.k.a. Popdrivel has got a neat little posting regarding Beck.

It seems has been updated, and The Smudge ripped two tracks off their flash jukebox. Check 'em out here.

There's also a link to the preview of Beck's new remix album, Guerolito.

UPDATE: Gorilla Vs. Bear has a link to the Air remix of "Missing".