Thursday, June 22

Leonard Cohen

Been hearing great things about the Leonard Cohen documentary "I'm Your Man".

The scenestars blog has posted a whole buttload of Leonard Cohen covers including my pretty-much all-time favorite cover by the Pixies. The covers run the gambit from the ultra-mega-pop-star to the weirdo trans-somethings with haunting voices.

Get 'em here.

Tracks Posted:
"First We Take Manhattan" covered by R.E.M.,
"Everybody Knows" covered by Concrete Blonde,
"I'm Your Man" covered by Elton John,
"Suzanne" covered by Peter Gabriel,
"Light As The Breeze" covered by Billy Joel,
"Tower of Song" covered by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds,
"Famous Blue Raincoat" covered by Tori Amos,
"I Can't Forget" covered by The Pixies,
"Hallelujah" covered by Rufus Wainwright, and
"The Guests" covered by Antony and the Johnsons.


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