Monday, October 9

Free Jazz

The Destination Out blog has a post about free jazz's influence on various genres of music... here.

"Theme de Yoyo" by Art Ensemble of Chicago
"Rain Dance" by Herbie Hancock
"Dick Dogs" by Sonny Sharrock
"Brown Rice" by Don Cherry
"Journey in Satchidananda" by Alice Coltrane
"Rated X" by Miles Davis
"Arrival in New York" by Joe Zawinul
"Black Is the Color of My True Love’s Hair" by Patty Waters
"Angels and Demons at Play" by Sun Ra
"Blase" by Archie Shepp
"Osaka Bondage" by John Zorn's Naked City
"Orbit 2" by Matthew Shipp

There's more about free jazz here.

ornette coleman


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