Saturday, November 11

LIVE: Wonderboy By Tenacious D

Yee-haw... It's a weblink roundup.

(1) Peel Sessions a la PJ Harvey @ Instrumental Analysis... here.
Tracks posted:
"You Come Through"

PJ Harvey

(2) Art Brut doin' 6music is available at Mr Red Penguin's MP3 Heaven... here.
Tracks posted:
"Nag Nag Nag Nag"
"Post Soothing Out"
"Saint Pauli"
"These Animal Menswear"

Art Brut

(3) Some old The Evens on TIMEDOOR... here.
Track posted:
"On The Face Of It (2003 version)"

The Evens

(4) The original (by Afrika Bambaataa) and a cover (by Rage Against The Machine) of "Renegades Of Funk" have been posted at Some Velvet Blog... here.

Afrika Bambaataa
Rage Against The Machine

(5) "Car Chase City" by Tenacious D is up at Modern Music... here.

Tenacious D

(6) "Wonderboy" BONUS:

Listen: "Wonderboy (Live)" (mp3)

Watch: Wonderboy


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