Friday, September 28

If These Stars Are Struck By The Oranges Band

I was just wondering when there was gonna be a new album from Oranges Band.

Here is some old TOB:
"If These Stars Are Struck" (mp3)
"All The Ghosts In Your House" (mp3)

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BONUS newer Oranges Band: "Jenny I'm Sneaking Out" (mp3)

Here's Roman at HampdenFest 2007 wearing a "I [heart] Romania" t-shirt:

Roman by lisa_h

Consider Clicking
- BOAWS has a new mix just for you (featuring Magik Markers and Ten Grand, among others)... here.
- Watch a new new new Sons & Daughters vid (from THIS GIFT)... "Gilt Complex" (youtube).
- Already posted elsewhere? All that new Robert Pollard... "The Killers" (mp3) and "Rud Fins" (mp3). Thanks to the largehearted boy.
- FLUXBLOG has a non-Erase Errata-ish Jenny Hoyston mp3... here. Here's some more of that: "Spell D-O-G" (mp3).
- p'fork has got that SMD remix of a new Celebration song that everyone seems to be talking about... "Hands Off My Gold (Simian Mobile Disco Remix)" (mp3)... here. They also have the audio to Animal Collective playing on KEXP... here.
- Speaking of Animal Collective, mfr. has a lot to say about their Strawberry Jam... here.
- BIGSTEREO finds Best Fwends to be, well, "so wacky". Enjoy their electrocomedy stylings... here.
- Do I feel like seeing Japanther tonight? Got to figure out if I'm going to this:

time's up benefit

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