Tuesday, May 13

The Best 23 Downloadables Of 2008 (So Far)

So, it's May. That means it's time we start looking back on the year. Without further ado... The Best 23 Downloadables Of 2008 (So Far):

"Abandon" (box.net mp3) by French Kicks

"Bad Blood" (mp3) by The Big Sleep

"Bang On" (mp3) by The Breeders

"Bats Over The Pacific Ocean" (box.net mp3) by Jaguar Love

"Cat Swallow" (mp3) by Royal Bangs

"Cherry Bomb Country" (mp3) by Sp00n

"Dog Years" (box.net mp3) by Ghetto Cross
(source: Deerhuntertheband)

"Eatchyo Samwich" (box.net mp3) by Yea Big And Kid Static
(source: I Rock Cleveland)

"Eraser" (sub pop mp3) by No Age

"Excuse Me Dog" (box.net mp3) by Low Scores

"Fire Lances Of The Ancient Hyperzephyrians" (box.net mp3) by The Sword

"Hang Them All" (beggars mp3) by Tapes 'n Tapes

"Head Spins (Extended Version)" (box.net mp3) by High Places

"Hopper" (box.net mp3) by Motico

"It's A Fact (Mano Remix Featuring Hollywood Holt)" (box.net mp3) by Matt & Kim

"Magic Spells" (box.net mp3) by Crystal Castles
(admission: I didn't post or link to this song, but it's awesome so I'm posting it now.)

"Little Sisters of Beijing" (mp3) by These Are Powers

"Lost Time (Pictureplane Remix)" (box.net mp3) by Health

"The McLaughlin Group" (box.net mp3) by Andrew WK

"The Melody" (box.net mp3) by The Mae Shi

"Morning Birds" (mp3) by Kristin Hersh

"Puerto Rican Jukebox" (mp3) by Panther

"Stains" (box.net mp3) by Flying

If you have been stuck under a rock (hey, happens to the best of us), you can download the whole bunch by clicking here (sendspace link).

And yes, the muxtape has been updated to reflect this post.

Consider Clicking
- FUCK. I can't believe I forgot to put "Chrome's On It" (box.net mp3) by Telepathe in the top 23 there. I think they will make the next best of, fer sure.

- There's a new less-banging more mellow Ratatat track called "Shiller" @ the Gorilla Vs. Bear blog... here. Listen to a track from their free mixtape (vol. 2): "The Mule (Feat. Devin The Dude & Juvenile)" by Z-Ro

- OJ! All Day! for TWO DAYS! (May 24th and 25th) @ The Cake Shop... here.

- Indie Pop Rocks... "New York, Not Her" (mp3) by The Literary Greats AND (thanks to Fingertips for this one) "In A Cave" (mp3) by Tokyo Police Club. If you like, check out their Daytrotter session.

- Badical Beats has some new remixes from Phones... here, who just happen to do my favorite re-edit of "Ooh La La" (ysi).

- Raven Sings The Blues posts some "melted crayon box disco" a la Black Moth Super Rainbow... here. Listen to something from Start A People: "1 2 3 Of Me" (mp3)

- OFF THE RECORD posts about GT indie pop favs Bearsuit... here.

- Blog of extreme awesomeness and obsurity, PUKEKOS has posted a rip of the Milkcrate Mosh 7" by The Hold Steady. Enjoy their signature singtalk... here.

- Get Get Get the Low Scores remix of "Electric Bloom" by Foals... here.

- P'fork has posted some of the weirdness that is Teeth Mountain... here.

- PTST recommends the new Dan Friel (you may know Mr. Friel from his work as the vocals/keyboard/electronics in Parts & Labor)... here. P'cast post... here.

- Here's two Daytrotter Sessions for your consideration.
Cursive... here.
The Ting Tings... here.
Check out Daytrotter Radio... here.

- Did you see this on, uhhhh... VH1? Well, Muzzle Of Bees has the Radiohead mp3s... here.

- Hey Readers, vote for the best of The Booker Prize... here. I'm voting for J G Farrell’s The Seige of Krishnapur. Get it... here.

- I love covers. (Chances are) You love covers. Listen to some covers @ music is art... here.

- Terrorbird brings you two new This Up Here mp3s:
"Kings And Queens (Ernest Gonzales Remix)" (terrorbird mp3)
"Pulse (Myopathic REMIX)" (terrorbird mp3)

- 1234, 1234... "No More Long Years" (mp3) by Matt & Kim gets the radioclit treatment @ I HEART COMIX... here.

- Finally, captain's dead posts some crazyass bootymoving 70's funk... here.

Best 23 Downloadables Of 2008 (So Far)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

This was Not a short post. But I guess you were making up for lost time. Welcome back! Thanks for linking to us. We got one bite, and I don't think it's a cowinkie dinkie.


5/13/2008 2:49 PM  
Blogger bob reich said...

Wow... that Ting Tings sessions is massively sucky (based on listening to one song).

6/19/2008 11:09 PM  

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