Tuesday, June 17

Calypso By Abe Vigoda

So I downloaded a couple tracks from "tropical" punks Abe Vigoda's myspace page, but when I went to doublecheck them and ye olde myspace decided it wanted to enter some sort of infinite connecting loop. That damn media player just would not connect. See...

Abe Vigoda

Anyway, you should probably listen to this.

"Calypso" (box.net mp3)
"All Nite and Day (Remix)" (box.net mp3)

Abe's life blog is here.
Post Present Medium page is here.
Not Not Fun is here.
Death Bomb Arc is here.
Zum is here.
OMS-B is here.

BONUS: "Dead City/Waste Wilderness" (aol mp3) was Spinner's free mp3 of the day, yesterday... here.

Consider CLICKing
- Last week: I was told "you have got to check out Bottle Up & Go." This week: "Wayward Son" (kill normal mp3)

- This sounds like it has potential (I am talking about Dilla Ghost Doom). Thanks Gorilla Vs Bear.

- I don't think I want to mention this. Stereogum has deets if you are interested... here. (I think I wait for the music that is actually on the album).

- This is why you should have Holy Fuck on you iPod at all times. (I mean whay else are you supposed to listen to when taking crazy ass photos). Listen: "Super Inuit" (box.net mp3)

- New The Grates vid is @ 12 Major Chords... here.

- Audible Vitamins rocks out with The Night Marchers... here.

- New New New Negativeland: "Richard Nixon Died Today" (fanatic mp3)

- P'fork has the semi-official new No Age vid... here.

This is Abe Vigoda (I think)

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