Wednesday, December 17

The Job Flavored Minimix

Today I have another minimix inspired by the Contrast Podcast...

The Job Flavored Minimix
"A&R Job" ( mp3) by The Oranges Band
"Rush Job" ( mp3) by Shellac
"Loosen This Job" ( mp3) by No Age
"Hatchet Job" ( mp3) by Hot Snakes
"We Drink On The Job" ( mp3) by Earlimart

Be sure to check out the latest Contrast Podcast... here.

BONUS Job mp3: "God Damn Job" (ysi mp3) by The Replacements

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- Gorilla Vs Bear posts a Phaseone remix of the shoegazey goodness of Grouper... here.

- I am so fucking sick of excessive Auto-Tune. At this point, it's like nails on the chalkboard. But I do admit, the technology has its uses. Listen a recent NPR story on Auto-Tune... here.

this was the #1 hit for 'job' on google images

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