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Top 51 Downloadables Of 2008

I know you've been waiting. It's almost freakin' New Years here. I am hoping you have not developed year end list fatigue a/k/a YELF syndrome. Every song you download here can go to help prevent YELF. It can be a rather debilitating condition. The afflicted wander around and try to argue with people about who is better Fleet Foxes or Cut Copy. Sad. Annnyway, the methodology here: (a look through stuff I posted + a look through my last.fm charts) / 51 tracks.

I won't keep you any longer. Without any further ado, Ladies and Gentlemen... Here they are in alphabetical order, the Top 51 Downloadables Of 2008.

"Abandon" (box.net mp3) by French Kicks
Award: Song that sounds the most like the band playing it of the year

"Adeadenemyalwayssmellsgood" (beggars mp3) by Future Of The Left
Award: Best awesomeness of the year

"Bad Blood" (mp3) by The Big Sleep
Award: Best bedroom metal of the year

"Balloons" (sub pop mp3) by Foals
Award: Best misheard lyrics of the year

"Bang On" (4ad mp3) by The Breeders
Award: Best comeback of the year

"Bats Over The Pacific Ocean" (box.net mp3) by Jaguar Love
Award: Best song to listen to while all your shit is out on the lawn of the year

"Beach Demon" (box.net mp3) by Wavves
Award: Best "double v" band name of the year

"Beg Waves" (box.net mp3) by Ponytail
Award: Best unformed vocal expressions of the year

"Black Rice" (flemish eye mp3) by Women
Award: Best 50's song to come out in 2008 of the year

"Boredom Is The Feeling That Everything Is A Waste Of Time" (box.net mp3) by Shooting At Unarmed Men
Award: Best song that took for fucking ever to be released in the states of the year

"Bright And Shining" (terrorbird mp3) by Koushik
Award: Best downbeat track of the year

"Broke Calculator" (box.net mp3) by Royal Bangs
Award: Best bleeps (but not bloops) of the year

"Cappo" (box.net mp3) by No Age
Award: Best guitar and drums combo of the year

"Catalogs" (box.net mp3) by Double Dagger
Award: Best bass and drums combo of the year

"Cat Swallow" (pirate mp3) by Royal Bangs
Award: Best catchy ass track of the year

"Chromes On It" (box.net mp3) by Telepathe
Award: Best song that made me feel like I am living in the future of the year

"Cooker" (mp3) by Made Out Of Babies
Award: Best HEAVY of the year

"Crimewave (Crystal Castles vs. David Wolf)" (box.net mp3) by Health
Award: Best bleeps and bloops of the year

"Dickshakers Union" (box.net mp3) by Surf City
Award: Best song by a piece of a Barbed Wire Kisses reference of the year

"Eatchyo Samwich" (box.net mp3) by Yea Big And Kid Static
Award: Best song about a sandwich... hands down... of the year

"ELECTRIC ARC" (box.net mp3) by Oxford Collapse
Award: Best song about not remembering shit of the year

"Everything With You" (box.net mp3) by The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart
Award: Best late 80's/early 90's retro of the year

"Extinction" (box.net mp3) by The Soft Pack (formerly The Muslims)
Award: Best not "pussy" song of the year

"Fire Lances Of The Ancient Hyperzephyrians" (box.net mp3) by The Sword
Award: Best riffage of the year

"Graveyard Drug Party" (box.net mp3) by Thee Oh Sees
Award: Best song name of the year

"Hairvest" (box.net mp3) by When Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth
Award: Best sludge of the year

"Head Spins (Extended Version)" (box.net mp3) by High Places
Award: Best tweedub of the year

"Hibernation" (box.net mp3) by Blood On The Wall
Award: Best song by a Brooklyn, NY via Lawrence, KS band of the year

"In Dead Sleep (I Snore ZZZZ)" (box.net mp3) by The Night Marchers
Award: Best song that make you feel that (maybe) it was a good idea for Hot Snakes to break up of the year

"I Sold My Organs" (better looking mp3) by Meho Plaza
Award: Best noisy synth of the year

"Joset Of Nazareth's Blues" (box.net mp3) by Titus Andronicus
Award: Best reason to "kiss her where it smells, take her to NJ" (R.I.P. George) of the year

"Kalise" (box.net mp3) by El Guincho
Award: Best trance inducer of the year

"KA$H" (box.net mp3) by James Pants
Award: Best whiteboy space funk jamz of the year

"Kicking Machine" (box.net mp3) by The Melvins
Award: Best 1970's rock with two drummers of the year

"Lock And Key" (dovecote mp3) by Mason Proper
Award: Best major producer of textiles of the year

"Love Your Spaceman" (mp3) by Robert Pollard
Award: Best dug up instrumental track that finally got vocals over it of the year

"The McLaughlin Group" (box.net mp3) (may also be called "The McLaughlin Groove") by Andrew W.K.
Award: Best astonishment of the year

"Misfit (Daytrotter Session)" (box.net mp3) by The Thermals
Award: Best cover of the year

"No One Does It Like You" (beggars mp3) by Dept. Of Eagles
Award: Best Grizzly Bear-related track of the year

"Nothing Ever Happened" (box.net mp3) by Deerhunter
Award: Best leaked song of the year

"Nowheres Nigh" (box.net mp3) by Parts & Labor
Award: Best noisepunk turned artrock of the year

"Play Your Part (Pt. 1)" (box.net mp3) (box.net mp3) by Girl Talk
Award: Best mashup of the year

"Promises, Promises" (box.net mp3) by Die! Die! Die!
Award: Best NZ rock of the year

"Puerto Rican Jukebox" (krs mp3) by Panther
Award: Best Portland funk of the year

"Run To Your Grave" (box.net mp3) by The Mae Shi
Award: Best RUN! of the year

"See/Saw" (matador mp3) by Jay Reatard
Award: Best single of the year (OK, best Jay Reatard single of the year)

"Shove It (Feat. Spank Rock) (Switch Remix)" (box.net mp3) by Santogold
Award: Best dubby-ass remix of the year

"Top Drawer" (box.net mp3) by Man Man
Award: Best multiple POV dating song of the year

"Where Do You Run To" (box.net mp3) by Vivian Girls
Award: Best Tiger Trap song of the year

"xxzxcuzx me" (box.net mp3) by Crystal Castles
Award: Best glitch of the year

"88th Precinct" (box.net mp3) by Team Robespierre
Award: Best Brooklyn song of the year (sorry Jay-Z)

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Top 51 Downloadables Of 2008



Anonymous y-to-the-s-to-the-b said...

zip file? no? too big?

12/30/2008 2:54 PM  
Blogger bob reich said...

Sorry no convenient zip or torrent. I was just too lazy. But if enough people ask for one, I'll spend the time and put one up.

12/30/2008 4:02 PM  
Blogger Sebastian said...

Ha, I heard "We fry balloons on this fuel coil" the first few times I heard "Balloons."

As for Night Marchers, it's too bad that the entire album wasn't as good as that song. Obits' single was also disappointing, but at least it wasn't as egregiously bad as some of the stinkers on See You in Magic.

1/03/2009 11:23 AM  

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