Tuesday, November 1

Dismemberment Plan

Why Did They Have To Break Up? Episode 2

The Dismemberment Plan will be missed. Next to Fugazi, they are probably the best example of DC post-punk out there. Luckily they still have a bunch of resources available on the interweb. Their official site is still up. They have a number of mp3s available, plus you can stream complete albums using real player. Dismemberment-related pages are available at Southern and Desoto Records.

"Academy Award" (mp3) remixed by Cex
"Pay For Piano" (mp3) remixed by Grandmaster Incongruous
"Superpowers" (mp3)

Wonder what Travis Morrison is up to? Check out his website or his label or just listen to:

"Born In '72" (mp3)
People Die (mp3)

Dismemberment Plan


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