Thursday, May 18


Hey... Spoon News!! Telephono is coming back into print... Awesome!

From the Spoon mailing list....

Monsieur Valentine Video

Texan done good director Ryan Junell has created a wild
new video for Gimme Fiction's “The Two Sides of Monsieur
Valentine." We're gonna do a "World Premier" of the video
on the Spoon site this coming Friday, May 19th at 2pm EST.
This video will only be available on the spoon site (for the
time being) -- tune in at the news page on

Soft Effects and Telephono, in print at long last

Tired of trying to scrape together a hundred bucks to buy
a good copy of Telephono or Soft Effects? As is so often
the case, Merge Records is here to help you. A re-release
of Spoon’s first full-length album Telephono and the Soft Effects EP
is planned for July 25th. Both releases will be nicely packaged
together for the usual price of one.


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