Monday, June 26

Cat Power

RANT: What hath Bloc Party wrought? Arrrrgh... I am fucking sick of remixes. Artists, stop putting out remix albums. They are rarely if ever better that the original. Just stop it. Don't get me wrong, the occasional remix can be awesome as a b-side, but really, whole albums. Unnecessary! Pheew... End rant.

This brings me to what I like... Covers!

The blog Neiles Life
has posted a list of his top 20 babes who rock (my alternate title... 20 women Mr. Neiles Life is attracted to who just happen to play music). I jest. While I disagree with many of Styeiles' choices, I must concur with #2, Cat Power. Chan Marshall definitely rocks, and so does her cover of Oasis' "Wonderwall" recorded with the late great John Peel.

NOTE: Maybe sad-core doesn't rock, per se, but you gots to agree that Cat Power is pretty amazing.

Get it here.

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chan marshall aka cat power


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