Monday, June 19

Home Taping Is Killing Music

How the hell did I miss this one? Damnit. I'm losing my touch.

Anyway, Short Term Mp3 Loss has posted a mix, in ultra-modern mp3 format... here.

The track listing to Home Taping Is Killing Music... And It's Illegal:
Intro: Press Play
"Dancing Drums" Ananda Shankar
"I Wanna Destroy You" The Soft Boys
"Safari" The Breeders
"Rounder" Pere Ubu
"Fido, Your Leash Is Too Long" Magnetic Fields
"The Real Thing" Russell Morris
"Walking In The Rain" Flash & The Pan
"Who”s Got The Crack?" The Moldy Peaches
"This Guys In Love With You" The Reels
Outro: Tape Ends
Intro: Press Play
"Theme from S*Express" S*Express
"Bostich” Yello
"Crabwalking" Prince Jazzbo
"Ow Much?" Creature
"No Idea" Earth Leakage Trip
"I Like A Man" General Elekrtic
"Brain Washed Follower" De La Soul
"Crazy Horses (Utah Saints Remix)" The Osmonds
"Music Non Stop" Kraftwerk
Outro: Tape Ends

Notice that the tape start and stops have been included... Awesome.


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