Tuesday, June 13

Spinto Band

The french blog La Blogotheque has posted some tracks by Spinto Band... here.

Track listing:
"I saw the spider"
"The Puff Daddy blowjob movement"
"My Special car"
"Chill + Park 97"
"Don’t take it personal"

Myspace page is here.

Oh yeah... Here is the google translation of the post:

Tuesday June 13, 2006 Long history of the young people Spinto Band I was intrigued a little all the same. An American webzine (of which I lost the trace) had chroniqué Nice and Nicely Done of Spinto Band, like a little less good than the preceding discs of the group. I knew, they like to repeat it, that the kids of Spinto had recorded tons of songs before leaving this album. I did not know that these songs had gone beyond their attic, of engraved CD sold in person in the bars of Delaware. That had to be listened to. Then I wedged Jeff, the leader with the voice of falsetto, after the show puts group with Ground Zero. I asked him how one could listen to these famous discs. Early works of a group of 22 year old guys. It smiled and said to me to go to make a turn on the side of archive.org, which I could find there my happiness. Too much late. On File, remain only promises. The Google mask testifies to the existence to Sam Raimi and DIGITAL Summer, two albums of more than twenty pieces each one, recorded in 1999 and 2000. One imagines merry foutoirs in Ween, with short songs with the enticing titles (Unemployed waltz, The dirtiest corn muffin, German coils). But one only imagines… I sought sought, I did not find anything, if not of the traces. Another album, Frills, and its leaning No Frills. A project parallel with the dreadful name of Free Beer. A concept album on the life of Theodore Roosevelt. A genealogy, an archaeology with diffuse temporality: titles of Sam Raimi are found on Good Answer and Give Away, the two only discs which one can find on the p2p. And of the titles of these two discs will finish on Nice and Nicely Done, like certain Atari, renamed Japan is year island. I found only these two “albums”, and a piece extracted from DIGITAL Summer. It is called I saw the spider and wants nothing to only say, like the appendix of a merry joke, scene isolated from a foutraque opera. Spinto were young, a group of pop garage, able to connect the pieces like jokes, to play with the kinds. To realize a piece fireman and stupidly teenager on Puff Daddy blowjob movement, to pay homage to Pavement on My Special Because, to make the idiots on a Yo environment the tengo with Chill + Park 97, to draw timid first steps their tubes to come with Gift' T take it personal. First steps. Like what, even made by kids, an impeccable pop album is a long work of purification, of research. Fortunately for us, Spinto recorded the least blow of pickaxe, the least passage of grinder. And fortunately, there remains full with things to find. And it is there that I count on you. Let us leave in search the discography adolecente Spinto Band. No-claims bonus: a session of Spinto enregistrér to semi-2005 And do not forget our concert to be carried


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