Sunday, June 18

Vacation Hyper-Mega-Express Recap

Jeez... you go away for a few days.

And I don't have no fancy guest bloggers. Here goes...

Jeff Tweedy
... here,
Radiohead rarities... here and here , and covers of Radiohead... here,
Guardian Newspaper CD inserts... here,
Yo La Tengo covering Jonathan Richman And The Modern Lovers... here,
Sonic Youth... here and here and here and here,
Futureheads... here and here and here,
Live Sex Pistols... here,
The Replacements... here,
The Delgados... here.
The Fall (plus a whole lot more)... here,
Arcade Fire... here,
New French Kicks... here,
A Car themed mix... here,
Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet... here,
Live Built To Spill... here,
Some acoustic versions of songs you will probably like... here,
Ted Leo And The Pharmacists
on KEXP... here.

Thanks, rbally, Kwaya Na Kisser, black country grammar, Interpretations Diverses (it's French, yo), INDIEBLOGHEAVEN, Neile's Life, DIY Rockstar, Who Needs Radio?, ickmusic, Rock 'n' Roll Star, 3Hive, The Runout Groove, Fun Time OK, It's Too Long (Germans blog too), I Guess I'm Floating, Motel de Moka, Veritas Lux Mea, Binky The Doormat, Stop Loving Everything, The Rich Girls Are Weeping, and the late greats.

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