Tuesday, July 18

French Kicks

So Two Thousand comes out today... and the French Kicks are today's Big Ass Post.

french kicks

First up, the awesome Daytrotter sessions are here.

"Go On (Daytrotter Session)"
"Knee High (Daytrotter Session)"
"Also Ran (Daytrotter Session)"
"So Far We Are (Daytrotter Session)"

The Daytrotter interview is here.

french kicks daytrotter session

Next up, the blog The Rich Girls Are Weeping has posted two tracks... here.

"So Far We Are"
"Go On"

french kicks

Lastly, Sixeyes has posted one measly track... here.

"Knee High"

NYCers... the French Kicks are gonna make an in-store performance at Virgin Records at Union Square today at 6:30 pm.

Myspace page is here.

french kicks worm poster


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