Tuesday, July 11

Funtime OK

Funtime OK is podcasting... here.

Funtime OK Podcast Mix #1
Dabrye "Pressure"
Blackalicious "Blazing Arrow"
Need New Body "Show Me Your Heart"
Ectomorph With Sal Principato "Chromed Out"
Theo Parrish "Falling Up (Carl Craig Remix)"
The Soft Pink Truth "Gender Studies"
Caribou "Brahminy Kite"
Marumari "Subwolfer"
Growing "Cumulusless"
Radiohead "15 Step (Live)"
Sunn o))) "Candlegoat"
TV On The Radio "Hurt You"
Black Dice "Gore"
Destroyer "The Space Race"
Audion "Just Fucking"
Outkast "I’ll Call Before I Come"

Dig it!

funtime ok podcast #1


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