Saturday, July 29

Hot Snakes

The Gentle Tyrants weblog has posted "Plenty for All" by Hot Snakes (one of the most rockiness John Reis projects ever!)... here.

hot snakes

The post laments the break up of Hot Snakes. Well, the world is gonna get just a little more Hot Snakes. Swami is releasing a live album recorded for The Australian Broadcasting Corporation on 5/10/05... Thunder Down Under. The album comes out August 15th.

Track Listing:
1. Braintrust
2. Hi-Lites
3. Retrofit
4. XOX
5. Think About Carbs
6. L.A.X.
7. Plenty For All
8. Who Died
9. Suicide Invoice
10. Kreative Kontrol
11. Rock n' Roll Will Never Die
12. U.S. Mint
13. Let it Come

Pre-Order Thunder Down Under... here.

Myspace page is here.
Swami Radio is here.

TRIVIA: In 2004, the Hot Snakes recorded what would end up being the last-ever Peel Session ever.

hot snakes thunder down under


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