Saturday, July 15

Public Image Limited

The Fearless Radio 1 weblog has posted "FFF" by PiL... here.

Check it out... it really makes you want to scream "Bollocks!" at the top of your lungs.

From the English To American Dictionary:
bollocks n. How do I put this delicately... bollocks are testicles. The word is in pretty common use in the UK... and works well as a general "surprise" expletive in a similar way to bugger. The phrase "the dog's bollocks" is used to describe something particularly good (yes, good) - something like "see that car - it's the dog's bollocks, so it is". This in turn gives way to homonym phrases like "the pooch's privates" or "the mutt's nuts" which all generally mean the same thing. Oh, and this beer from Wychwood Brewery.... We also describe a big telling-off as a bollocking, and additionally use the word to mean "rubbish" (as in "well, that's a load of bollocks"). Some additional US/UK confusion is added by the fact that the words "bollix" and "bollixed" are sometimes used in the US to describe something thrown into confusion or destroyed.

Wikipedia page is here.

PiL, public image limited


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