Saturday, July 1


Two Spoon-related posts:

The blog I Rock Cleveland
has posted two promo tracks from the upcoming Spoon reissues... here.

Tracks Posted:
"Mountain to Sound"
"Idiot Driver"

spoon live at emos

The Mars Needs Guitars weblog has posted a Spoon boot from down under... here.

Set List:
"The Beast And The Dragon, Adored"
"Me And The Bean"
"Someone Something"
"Lines In The Suit"
"Small Stakes"
"I Turn My Camera On"
"Sister Jack"
"The Fitted Shirt"
"Everything Hits At Once"
"The Way We Get By"
"Anything You Want"
"Jonathon Fisk"

Myspace page is here.

Can you find the member of Spoon in this picture?

britt of spoon buys a burrito


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