Monday, July 31

The Stooges

Chicago blog, A Beef Sandwich w/ Sweet and Hot Peppers has posted "Raw Power", a kick ass track from Iggy And The Stooges' album of the same name... here.

Also posted:
Mission of Burma "Nancy Reagan's Head"
Peaches And Iggy Pop "Kick It"

NOTE: Not being a big fan of the whole electroclash thing, I just don't get Peaches. I actually find her kind of irritating (surprise!). However, I do like her cover of The Electric Six's smash hit "Gay Bar" (mp3). Watch the video of the original song here or the Peaches Gap ad (I guess it is a step up from the usual crap).

The Stooges emusic page is here.

iggy pop and the stooges raw power


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