Saturday, August 5

Albert Hammond Jr.

The weblog OFF THE RECORD has posted an mp3 off Yours To Keep, the solo album by Strokes guitarist Albert Hammond Jr. (a/k/a the fluffy-headed one).

Get "In Transit (Obsinate)"... here.

Albert Hammond Jr.

Yours To Keep features guest artists, Sean Lennon, Ben Kweller, and even Strokes' manager Ryan Gentles (the sixth Stroke). Filling out the sound on the record are bassist Josh Lattanzi and drummer Matt Romano. The album was produced by former Thin Lizard Dawn vocalist Greg Lattimer at the Electric Ladyland Studios, and is set to be released this Fall.

The Track Listing:
"Cartoon Music for Superheroes (Goodnight)"
"In Transit (Obsinate)"
"Everyone Gets A Star"
"Call An Ambulance"
"Blue Skies"
"Back To The 101"
"Bright Young Thing"
"Hard to Live in the City"

Albert Hammond Jr.


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