Saturday, August 5

The Clash

The press random weblog has posted a new version of The Clash's The Rat Patrol bootleg... here.

That's right... the whole damn thing. For those of you going Rat Pa-whaa??, it's the original version of the Combat Rock as produced by Mick Jones in 1981. No "Overpowered By Funk" here.

clash combat rock

The mp3s are here.

The Track Listing:
"The Beautiful People Are Ugly Too"
"Kill Time"
"Should I Stay Or Should I Go?"
"Rock The Casbah"
"Know Your Rights"
"Red Angel Dragnet"
"Ghetto Defendant"
"Sean Flynn"
"Car Jamming"
"Innoculated City"
"Death Is A Star"
"Walk Evil Talk"
"Atom Tan (Original)"
"Atom Tan (Edited)"
"Innoculated City (Uncensored)"
"First Night Back In London (Edited)"
"First Night Back In London (Original)"
"Cool Confusion"

clash new rat patrol


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