Sunday, August 20

Comets On Fire

Dang, I must have been in a foul mood when I first heard them, cuz I had always written Comets On Fire off as just a little too dissonant. Yes, they are dissonant, but TOO dissonant? No. In particular, their newer material has embraced the heavy psychedelia vibe. And listening to their older songs now, I realize this... they fuckin' ROCK!

Comets On Fire

Newer Stuff:
"Dogwood Rust" (mp3) from Avatar
"The Antlers Of The Midnight Sun" (mp3) from Blue Cathedral

Older Stuff from Comets On Fire:
"Graverobbers" (mp3)(Crappy Tags!)
"The Way Down" (mp3)(Crappy Tags!)
"Let's Take It All" (mp3)(Crappy Tags!)

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Comets On Fire


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