Saturday, August 12

The Cure

The folks at Rhino are continuing their plans for worldwide album reissue
domination. Now, they've put out more crazy-ass deluxe editions of early Cure albums. Meanwhile, Press Random have posted a taste of the demos/alternate tracks/out-takes/live tracks you'll be purchasing later today... here.

From Three Imaginary Boys
"It’s Not You (1978 demo)"
"Winter (out-take)"
From Seventeen Seconds
"Three (alt. mix of 'Seventeen Seconds')"
"Play For Today (live in France)"
From Faith
"Primary (out-take)
"A Normal Story (out-take)"
From Pornography
"Temptation (demo)"
"Tempation Two (demo)"

Rhino's Cure page is here.

the cure 1982


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