Tuesday, August 22

Hockey Night

An official communique from Hockey Night...

"creamy juice blasters - cake shopp thursday 7pm to 9pmz

paul from hockeynight is showing his psychic trash at the cake shop!
it will be up august 24th through oct. 4th. so stop by and check it out and lick your lips. and pray for peace.

there's gonna be a little reception this thursday from 7pm to 9pm. and it would be rad if you came over and hung out and joined up and looked back and then stormed out.

'you can expect to see melting rainbow lips haunting electric black storms... in your futuremind. psychedelic felt splatters. construction paper cherry blasts and glossy pink lips slapped on cut out white cones. flavor zones.
so get juiced about that!
you'll probably be lucid dreaming when you get there. too'

also, this shit isn't a fucking game! see you thursday!

cake shop:
152 ludlow st.

I won't be there. Damnit! Gonna miss out (again). Oh well.

Myspace page is here.
Lookout Records page is here.
A Hockey Night mp3 waits for you... here.

Hockey Night Art


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