Tuesday, August 22

John Zorn

Motel de Moka has posted some jazz fusion... here.

Don't worry, this is a fusion of jazz and hardcore punk from John Zorn's Naked City, and it ROCKS.

Tracks posted:
"The James Bond Theme"
"The Sicilian Clan"

Also posted:
"Yekermo Sew (Mulatu Astatque)" The Code International
"Neji" Yoko Utsumi
"Contort Yourself" James Chance
"Aerosol Burns" Essential Logic
"Shevil" Meatjack

Mr. Zorn's label is Tzadik.
More about Zorn here.

naked city


Blogger Jimmy Legs said...

ah, zorn always has such tasteful album art!

8/22/2006 11:29 AM  

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