Thursday, August 3


I saw the now bass-less Motico last night at Trash Bar. They were fucking tight. A borrowed amp made the guitar extra-crunchy. Awesome.

If you don't know Motico, you gots to check them out.

bad photo of motico at trash

Get yerself some Motico mp3s... here.

From March 2005 7" Single
"Got To Be In It To Win It"
"Short Term Effects"
From January 2004 Recording Sessions
"The Smartest Tree in the Forest"
"Thirsty McShifty"
"Gabbage Monster"
"Short Term Effects"
"Zooming Past Accuracy"
"Home of the Buzzard"

Plus a web-only download... "Clinton Hill Lullabye"

Myspace page is here.

Oh yeah, also saw Dirty Magazine. They were friggin' R-R-R-RAUCOUS. Excellent!

"Right Where I Want To Be"
"What Are You Saying"

dirty magazine live


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