Friday, August 18

Naked Babes

They sound like: TITS MELTING... it's Naked Babes.

Was this band named out of a desire to stick it to the search engines? Possibly.

Naked Babes

Ex-Test Icicle, Devonte Hynez aka Dev formed Naked Babes with members of the Semifinalists and Tom Vek. It is believed that Naked Babes have split (according to the Test Icicles wiki). Dev is now Lightspeed Champion and is working with Whirlwind Heat as Lightspeed Heat.

I get the feeling that this is merely the tip of the side project iceberg. I must turn away.

"Girls Gone Wild" (myspace mp3) by Naked Babes
"Dry Lips Home Demo" (myspace mp3) by Lightspeed Champion

lightspeed champion


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