Friday, August 4


Only a few more show to go until the indefinite hiatus.

NPR finally got a live performance out of Sleater-Kinney. Listen to the whole of last night's show at Washington, D.C.'s 9:30 Club... here (mp3).

sleater-kinney live

The Set List:
"One Beat"
"Not What You Want"
"#1 Must Have"
"Steep Air"
"Burn Don't Freeze"
"End of You"
"What's Mine Is Yours"
"Modern Girl"
"Let's Call It Love"
"Little Babies"
"Iron Clad"
"Get Up"
"Buy Her Candy"
"Turn It On"
"Dance Song 97"
"Words & Guitar"
"Dig Me Out"

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sleater-kinney live


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