Tuesday, September 12

The Guard Attacks/Unreal Is Here By Chavez

Damn... Now I feel old. Matador is putting out a Chavez double CD-plus-DVD set, Better Days Will Haunt You. I remember seeing them at Brownies (sniff).

Just like the Pavement re-issues, the set will be a "tribute to over-completeness and deluxitude".

Download: “The Guard Attacks/Unreal Is Here” (mp3)


More PR junk... Better Days Will Haunt You will include:

"A triple-gatefold digipak: 2 CDs plus DVD

Two 28-page books

The two original studio albums, Gone Glimmering (1995) and Ride The Fader (1996)

The non-album B-sides from the 'Repeat The Ending' single (1994) and the Pentagram Ring EP (1995) and compilation tracks from What’s Up Matador (1997) and the Schoolhouse Rock! Rocks (1996) albums

A previously unreleased studio track entitled 'White Jeans'

The 2 mindblowingly audacious and ambitious promo videos, for 'Break Up Your Band' and 'Unreal Is Here'

The ‘Boys Making Music... Music Making Men’ documentary of the band touring Europe with Guided By Voices in 1996, with commentary by legendary Hollywood producer/director Garry Marshall"

Jeez, that's a lotta deluxitude. It's out October 10.

Better Days Will Haunt You


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