Saturday, September 30

LIVE: Lowdown (Wire Cover) By Spoon

Live From The Oranges Band Website, Part III...

The mp3s from Spoon that are located on The Oranges Band website were recorded on June 2, 2000 in the State of Texas.

Download: "Lowdown (Wire Cover)" (mp3)

TRIVIA: Oranges Band frontman Roman Kuebler used to play bass for Spoon.

In other Spoon news...

Gorilla Vs. Bear reports that Britt Daniel did a set for AOL's (ick) The Interface podcast... here. The think tank blog (WARNING: Popup Ads) has cut the podcast up and posted the indvidual tracks... here.

"Metal Detektor"
"Chips and Dip"
"They Never Got You"

Myspace page is here.
Merge Records page is here.
Emusic page is here.

Britt Daniel By Scott Boyd


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