Wednesday, September 6

Super-Mega-Awesome Vacation Recap


Aesop Rock at MOISTWORKS
The Black Keys at I Rock Cleveland
Calexico/Iron & Wine at Motel de Moka
Elvis Costello at Fabulist
Dead Kennedys at The Record Robot
J Dilla at Berkeley Place
Gang Of Four at Let's kiss and make up...
PJ Harvey at music is art
Ted Leo + Pharmacists at FreeIndie.Com
Nirvana at The Rawking Refuses To STOP
The Replacements at Captain’s Dead and jefitoblog
The Reverend Horton Heat at Dividing By Zero Will Get You Nowhere
Sifl and Olly at Ranh Ranh!
Silver Jews at Nerd Litter
Stiff Little Fingers at Rock Star Journalist
The Swirlies on KRLX's music blog
Unrest at Fluxblog and sugartown

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