Sunday, October 29

Fett’s Vette By MC Chris

NOTE: This post was delayed cuz of a damn connect exception error. Arrrrrrrr.


The blog Reloda has pointed out that this album...

MC Chris

Life's A Bitch And I Am Her Pimp by The Dungeon Master of Ceremonies aka MC Chris, is both free and legal. Get it here.

"Harry Potter (skit)"
"DQ Blizzard"
"Pop Punk Is Dead (skit)"
"Fuckin’ Up My Xmas"
"Engine (skit)"
"Fett’s Vette"
"Bench Warmer (skit)"

Download a taste of the geek-hop: "Fett’s Vette" (mp3)

You may know MC Chris as Hesh from Sealab 2021.

Watch: Pipe Talk

Myspace page is here.
iTunes page is here.

MC Chris


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