Sunday, October 22

Islands By Archie Bronson Outfit

GIMME TINNITUS faves Archie Bronson Outfit have made with the video-making.

WARNING: May contain objectification of the female body.

Watch: Cherry Lips

Q: Is this "Cherry Pie" (DO NOT CLICK HERE) for a new generation?
A: Probably Not.

Myspace page is here.
Domino page is here.
Emusic is here (NO U.S. downloads yet, DOH!).

BONUS: "Islands" (mp3) Fuck... Stream "Islands"... here.

Archie Bronson Outfit


Blogger outlawz bloggg said...

super ultra lame blog ha ha just kidding.............

10/22/2006 8:27 AM  
Blogger bob reich said...

uhhh... thanks!

10/22/2006 12:08 PM  

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