Saturday, November 25

Birthday Dethday By Dethklok

The blog Pop Tarts Suck Toasted has posted a massive birthday-themed mix... here.

Tracks posted:
The Beatles - "Birthday"
Bright Eyes - "Happy Birthday to Me"
Barney - "Happy Birthday to PJ"
New Kids on the Block - "Happy Birthday to You"
The Ramones - "Happy Birthday Mr. Burns"
Bart Simpson (feat. Michael Jackson) - "Happy Birthday Lisa"
Weird Al Yankovich - "Happy Birthday"
The Vandals - "Its My Birthday So Fuck You"
NOFX - "New Happy Birthday Song"
Stevie Wonder - "Happy Birthday"
Frank Sinatra - "Happy Birthday to You"
Conway Twitty - "Happy Birthday Darling"
Patsy Cline - "Happy Birthday, Baby"
Sufjan Stevens - "Happy Birthday"
The Sugarcubes - "Birthday"
Atom and His Package - "Happy Birthday Ralph"

I have but one Birthday song to add: "Birthday Dethday" by Dethklok

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