Friday, November 17

Franconia Road By Mommy And Daddy

One Year Ago Today, Part 1

Welcome to One Year Ago Today, a series of posts meant to podcast some of the material posted here before this blog had a podcast. Enjoy.

Q: What was you doing this time last year?
A: Listening to "Pretty Loser" by Mommy And Daddy (which is now streamable on their myspace page).

Unfortunately, "Pretty Loser" is no longer available on the Kanine Records website, so you should totally listen to something else by Mommy And Daddy instead.

Download: "Franconia Road" (mp3 courtesy of BetterPropaganda)

Watch: Franconia Road

Official site is down.
Kanine Records page is here.
Emusic page is here.

Mommy And Daddy


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