Sunday, November 19

Know Your Onion! By The Shins

Kick-ass mp3 blog, *sixeyes has posted the ...EDIT... new Shins track "Australia" from their ...END EDIT... recent KEXP session... here.

Also posted is some Sunny Day Sets Fire (Not a Sunny Day Real Estate / Boy Sets Fire mash-up).

Myspace page is here.
Sub Pop page is here.
Oh, inverted world site is here.

Retro-BONUS: "Know Your Onion!" (mp3)

UPDATE: The Smudge Of Ashen Fluff has the whole damn session... here.

The Shins


Blogger Alan Williamson said...

thanks for the link, gimme, but i have only posted the one track. They only played two new songs, and "Australia" was the one i posted.

11/19/2006 5:03 PM  
Blogger bob reich said...

Doh... I thought I hit publish too quick. It's been fixed.

11/20/2006 8:32 AM  

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