Sunday, November 12

LIVE: Talk To Me By Nirvana

The blog Muzak For Cybernetics has posted both the Nirvana and Foo Fighter versions of "Marigold" (one of my least favorite of the Nirvana rarities)... here.

heart shaped box single

Here's a Nirvana rarity that I actually like (a lot).

Download: "Talk To Me (Live)" (mp3 courtesy of burnthewitch dot net)

A Quick Aside: I agree with Sean of Muzak For Cybernetics... "I know it's pretty uncool nowadays to say you like the Foo Fighters (maybe it always was), and I have to admit, their last few albums really haven't done much for me." I say, you likes what you likes, no need to apologize. And hey, just cuz Mr. Grohl's latest offerings have sucked (the big one? more than a toothless whore? [insert alternate phrase here]) doesn't take anything away from his earlier stuff. That shit still rocks. Mmm-kay.

Sub Pop page is here.



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