Thursday, November 9

White Wedding (Billy Idol Cover) By The Harvey Girls

Hot Damn! The blog Idolator posted some choice mp3 cuts yesterday... here and here and here.

Tracked posted:
"Teenline" by The Shivvers
"Everybody Knows" and "You Fell Down" by The Evens
"Son Of Mustang Ford" and "Rave Down" by Swervedriver


As a small tribute, here is an mp3 of a cover of Billy Idol's (idol... idolator, get it?) incest-is-best anthem "White Wedding" (with some slight lesbionic overtones) by The Harvey Girls.

Download: "White Wedding (Billy Idol Cover)" (mp3)

Props to lupatarkastaja for turning me on to The Harvey Girls.

Myspace page is here.
More Harvey Girls covers here.

Non-Podcast BONUS: "Sailin' On (Bad Brains Cover)" (mp3)

The Harvey Girls


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