Thursday, December 21

The Engine Driver By The Decemberists

The blog Kwaya Na Kisser has posted the audio (and links to the video) of the Rock And Awe: The Countdown To Guitarmageddon... here.


Tracks posted:
"Chris Funk for the Decemberists"
"Stephen, Crank It Up Stephen Colbert (feat. Nobel Laureate Henry Kissinger)"
"Frampton for Colbert Nation"
"Judgment Anthony DeCurtis, Jim Anderson, Eliot Spitzer, Henry Kissinger and Stephen Colbert"
"The Colbert Nation Theme"

I'm no massive The Decemberists-lover, but anyone who has the "CO-JONES" to challenge Colbert is OK in my book.

Download: "The Engine Driver" (mp3)

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The Decemberists


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