Tuesday, December 26

Lightning Bolt/TV On The Radio

Fun Time OK has got a couple presents just for you... here.

Lightning Bolt's 2004 Peel Session:
"2 Morro Morro Land"
"On Fire"
"Dracula Mountain"
"Dead Cowboy"
"30,000 Monkeys"

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Lightning Bolt

AND TV on the Radio's OK Calculator:
"Say You Do"
"Pulse Of Pete"
"Buffalo Girls"
"Ending Of A Show"
"Hurt You"
"Netti Fritti"
"Yr God"
"On A Train"
"Sheba Baby"
"Y King"
"Aim To Please"
"Bicycles are Red Hot"
"Los Mataban"
"Doing My Duty"

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TV On The Radio


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