Saturday, December 9

Watch This House By The Natural History

There is a post all about indie pop over at Covert Curiosity... here.

Indie Pop tracks posted:
By El Perro Del Mar
"I Can’t Talk About It"
"God Knows"

By Oh No! Oh My!
"I Have No Sister"
"I Love You All The Time"

By Camera Obscura
"Lloyd, I’m Ready To Be Heartbroken"
"Come Back Margaret"

By The Boy Least Likely To
"Be Gentle with Me"
"Apple Wagon"

Holiday/Winter-themed tracks posted:
Apples in Stereo "Holiday Mood"
Elf Power "The Winter is Coming"

Here's my contribution... which is (1) slightly more rockin' and (2) slightly older. It's a track you may or may not know by the Tepper brothers' band... The Natural History.

Download: "Watch This House" (mp3)

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Better Propaganda page is here.
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The Natural History


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