Sunday, December 31

When You Go Out By Sebastien Grainger

That MSTRKRFT post the other day got me thinkin'... "What's the other dude from DFA 1979 doing?". Well, that dude, Mr. Sebastien Grainger, is working on a solo record.

Take a listen (it's kinda heavy and kinda poppy/dancey): "When You Go Out" (mp3)

Quick Aside: Here's Sebastien on Myspace mp3s..."MYSPACE MP3 COMPRESSION = SHIT i didn't realise that myspace compressed the downloadable versions of songs down to 96kbps! that's some narly shit!"

Non-Podcast BONUS: "The Rhythm Method (Instrumental)" (mp3)

Sebastien Grainger


Blogger Mattskws said...

Nice. I was wondering where this guy had gotten to.

12/31/2006 3:55 PM  

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