Sunday, December 24

Winter's Wolves by The Sword (Plus... The Year In Hotlinks)

Q: Why a top 33?
A: I don't know. Stop bugging me.

Here's the Top 33 Free MP3s of 2006 a/k/a The Year In Hotlinks:

Let's start with Number 1.

Listen: "Winter's Wolves" (mp3) by The Sword
Comment: Song Of The Year!

Watch: Winter's Wolves

Here's the rest in reverse order...

33. "Laser Life" (insound mp3) by The Blood Brothers
Comment: Loud and screamy. Just the way I likes it.

32. "Here's Your Future" (mp3) by The Thermals
Comment: Could I leave a song from a dystopian concept album off my end-o-the-year list? No. No, I could not.

31. "Alala" by CSS
Comment: Stuck in my head. GET OUT OF MY HEAD... Wait don't go.

30. "Coco On The Corner" (mp3) by Takka Takka
Comment: This one's for Sara.

29. "Skip To The End" (mp3) by The Futureheads
Comment: One of the few good tracks off their kinda bloated second album.

28. "Painter in Your Pocket" (insound mp3) by Destroyer
Comment: Bejar, bejar, be jar

27. "Also Ran" (mp3) by French Kicks
Comment: Almost went with "So Far We Are", but I think I made the right choice.

26. "Psychic Lightning (Daytrotter Session)" by Hockey Night
Comment: Rock. Rock. Rock. Rock. A little weird. Rock.

25. "Civilized Worm" (mp3) by The Melvins
Comment: Noisy Bastards!

24. "Duncan Hills Coffee Jingle" (mp3) by Dethklok
Comment: Best Fake Metal Band EVER. Brendon Small is a friggin' genius.

23. "Pile Of Gold" (mp3) by The Blow
Comment: This should be Top 40.

22. "We Do Not Fuck Around" (mp3) by Viva Voce
Comment: The track name says it all.

21. " Korn Dogz" (mp3) by Danger Doom
Comment: DJ Dangermouse + MF Doom + Adult Swim = this

20. "Jenny I'm Sneaking Out" (mp3) by The Oranges Band
Comment: Can't wait for the new album.

19. "Your Ghost" (myspace mp3) by 50 Foot Wave
Comment: Better than her original version.
2nd Comment: Shit. The myspace link no work. Listen here (for a limited time).

18. "Plates" (mp3) by Proton Proton
Comment: Oh sure, not technically release in 2005. Fuck You. It's on my list.

17. "Remain Instant" (mp3) by The Sharp Ease
Comment: Full of awesomey-goodness.

16. "The Nocturnal House" (mp3) by Pretty Girls Make Graves
Comment: Less punk-ish than their early stuff. but just as good.

15. "On A Neck, On A Spit" (mp3) by Grizzly Bear
Comment: Here's a brain-sticker for ya.

14. "Incinerate" (mp3) by Sonic Youth
Comment: They still got it.

13. "Mount Wroclai (Idle Days) (mp3) by Beirut
Comment: My current hypothesis is that Zack and company are possessed by gypsy demons.

12. "2wice" (mp3) by Mission Of Burma
Comment: Still got it!

11. "Verbs Before Nouns" (mp3) (fileden mirror) by Matt And Kim
Comment: One of the best jams coming out of Brooklyn.

10. "The Greatest" (mp3) by Cat Power
Comment: This album was Winter 2005-06.

9. "Blah Blah Blah" (mp3) by Say Hi To Your Mom
Comment: I had this song stuck in my head like for almost half the year.

8. "Wolf Like Me" (insound mp3) by TV On The Radio
Comment: One of the better tracks on the new album.

7. "Cowbell" (mp3) by tapes 'n tapes
Comment: Hype or No Hype? Who cares. This song rocks.

6. "Good Weekend" (insound mp3) by Art Brut
Comment: "I've seen her naked TWICE."

5. "Up With People" (mp3) by Oneida
Comment: I have mentioned the awesome-ness of this song in the past. Those statements hold TRUE.

4. "No Money" (mp3) by The Evens
Comment: Their sophmore effort is quite satisfying. Kinda of like a democratic victory? (Download Problems? go here.)

3. "Last Cans Of Paint" (mp3) by BOAT
Comment: I'm not picking up the telephone.

2. "Dart For My Sweetheart" (mp3) by Archie Bronson Outfit
Comment: Awesome.


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