Monday, January 8

Gimme Indie Rock By Sebadoh

The blog Kwaya Na Kisser has posted part one of a Sebadoh boot from 1995... here.

Track listing: "Intro" / "Think (Let Tomorrow Bee)" / "Brand New Love" / "Too Pure" / "Rebound" / "Drama Mine" / "Magnets Coil" / "Careful" / "Sing Something" / "License To Confuse" / "Shit Soup" / "Crystal Gypsy"

Speaking of boots, check out Sebadoh's mp3 page... here (download the zips the mp3 links don't work).

Subpop page is here.
Domino page is here.

BONUS: "Gimme Indie Rock" (mp3)

The Original Sebadoh


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