Sunday, January 21

Let's Make Love And Listen To DFA (Spank Rock Remix) By CSS

Spank Rock remixing CSS...

Download: "Let's Make Love And Listen To DFA (Spank Rock Remix)" (mp3)


And Mochipet remixing Spank Rock...

Download: Three alternate versions of "Far Left" (zip)

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Non-Podcast BONUS: "Rick Rubin" by Spank Rock (mp3) (source: bigdada)

spank rock


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey if you're into CSS, check out the KLAXONS.

Simon (klaxons) is dating Cansei de Ser Sexy's Lovefoxxx.

their new album "myths of the near future" comes out march 27 in the US and it rules. go out and buy the album or you can actually purchase it NOW on Itunes.

2/19/2007 8:04 PM  

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