Saturday, January 27

Oh Mandy By The Spinto Band

Q: You remember The Spinto Band?
A: Of course, we all do. But just in case, listen to... "Oh Mandy" (mp3)

This is a picture of The Spinto Band.
The Spinto Band

They were on KTRU's Music For Listeners for the Third Soda/Tea Taste Test (with selections from a live set at Emo's in Austin, TX).

Listen: "The Spinto Band On Music For Listeners (1/20/07)" (m3u)

The Spinto Band

Myspace page is here.
The Spinto Blog... WhereWillOurVanBreak a/k/a Shark Dance is here.
Spintonic dot net is here.
Emusic page is here.

BONUS: The Spinto band on WVUD Roots Show hosted by Scott Birney (Friday January 19, 2007) in three discrete chunks.

Chunk 1 - "Direct2Helmet (live)" / "Cats Pajamas (live)" / "Can't Take My Eyes off of You (live)" / "Crack The Whip (recorded)" (m4a)

Chunk 2- "Oh Mandy (live)" / Airport (recorded)" / "Brown Boxes (live)" / "Spy vs. Spy (live)" (m4a)

Chunk 3- "Mouse Talk ()" / "Late (live)" / "Did I Tell You (live)" / "Misogyny is Cool (recorded)" (m4a)

The Spinto Band


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