Friday, January 12

The Ungrateful Dead By Hella

Holy Hella! This here is today's Amp Camp Mp3 Of The Day (somefin is up with their linkage thingy), straight from the source, Hella.

Download: "The Ungrateful Dead" (mp3)


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Massive Hella BONUS:
"Biblical Violence" (mp3)
"Madonna" (mp3)
"Song From Uncle" (mp3)
"We Was Just Boys" (mp3)
"Women Of The 90's" (mp3)
"The Mother Could Be You" (mp3)
"Cafeteria Bananas" (mp3)
"Post-Ivy League Depression" (mp3)
"Rich Kid" (mp3)
"Falam Dynasty" (mp3)
"Republic Of Rough And Ready" (mp3)



Blogger Stan Francisco said...


Hella rock, but I'm not liking the new album nearly as much as their other stuff. Is it me or are the new vocals on the thing WAY too loud and way too irritating.

1/14/2007 4:36 PM  

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