Saturday, February 17

The Oscillator's Hum By Frog Eyes

Frog Eyes, Frog Eyes... kinda like Wolf Parade, only better?? Only Spencer Krug knows for sure.

Download Something Not New: "The Oscillator's Hum" (mp3) from The Folded Palm

More Frog Eyes, Muzak For Cybernetics has posted the smash single (ok, not really), "Stockades" from the new album Tears Of The Valedictorian... here.

Even More Frog Eyes, The blog T S U R U R A D I O has posted four new tracks... here.

Tracks posted: "Reform The Countryside" / "Idle Songs" / "Evil Energy, The Ill Twin Of..." / "...Eagle Energy"

Absolutely Kosher page is here.
Daytrotter free songs are here.

BONUS Linkage:
- Mac Users... check out Peel... here (Thanks Stereogum!).
- Illegal Art Dot Org has posted STAY FREE'S ILLEGAL ART COMPILATION CD... here.
- The Sumdge Of Ashen Fluff has posted Grizzly Bear's recent set for KEXP... here.

Frog Eyes


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